6 Hour ROGAINE - Overview

Black Partridge Park

April 13, 2024

What is a ROGAINE?  It stands for "Rugged Outdoor Group Activity Involving Navigation and Endurance".  Unlike a standard O-Meet where you need to find the controls in a prescribed order, in the ROGAINE you can find the controls in any order you choose. This involves a bit more strategy and mapping skills, which adds to the fun.  The goal is to find as many controls as you can (or want to) within the 6 hour time limit.

There is no need to pre-register.  Registration can be done at the event (like a normal meet).  However, since this is a larger event the fees are slightly higher.  See details below.

As a Thank You to our IRVOC Members, there is a $5 discount available for those with Active memberships.  For a team, the discount can apply if anyone on the team is a member.  If you need to know if your membership is Active, please see the Meet and Membership Info page.  If you would like to purchase or renew your membership you can do it through this page as well.

Event details:

Place: Race Start and Finish will be at Black Partridge Park - Coal Bank Road, Metamora IL 61546

Date: April 13, 2024

Start Location: Pavillion at the end of the park road

Pricing: $20 for an individual and $25 for a team up to 4 people.  IRVOC members get $5 off the registration price

Registration: 8:30am to 9:00am

Mandatory Safety Briefing: 9:00 am

Start Time: Participants can start between 9:00-9:30

Time Limit: 6 hours

The cut-off is 6 hours from when you started, and there will be a 1 control penalty per minute you arrive to the finish after the 4 hour cut-off.  

Recommended safety gear:  cell phone (emergency use only), whistle, water, first aid kit.

We will be using our electronic controls for this event.  If you have a personal SI-stick please bring that along.  Also, don't forget to bring an extra pair of dry shoes/socks/clothes for after the event for a comfortable ride home!

REGULAR MEET:  There will also be an opportunity to run a typical orienteering course if you do not wish to participate in the ROGAINE.  There will be White and Yellow courses available.  Start times for the regular meet begin at 10am through 12:00pm.  Regular meet fees apply.