Permanent Courses

The permanent o-courses at Jubilee State Park have been completed. There is an easy course and a difficult course there (white and orange equivalent). Attached to this page, at the very bottom, are the maps for both courses. The first is the Difficult Course, the lower map is the Easy Course. You can download them and print them on a color printer.

Both courses are best accessed from the Valley View pavilion. You can find this on the overall park map at the website below:

The courses will be changed periodically to give you more options for training through out the year, when ever you have the time.

Please note - the courses are on land that is open for deer hunting. Please confirm the seasons to ensure that it is safe to use the courses.

For information on the meaning of the clue symbols on the difficult course see this page: Map and symbol information

PermanentO Jubilee -Difficult.pdf
PermanentO Jubilee -Easy.pdf