Meet and Membership Info

Event Registration:

Most of our events do not require pre-registration. They are "show and go". Registration for these events can be done at the event or you can print out the registration form attached at the bottom of this page and bring it with you to the event. Exceptions to this are the Adventure Race, and ROGAINE.


The club philosophy is to keep this sport fun and cheap, so we try to minimize the cost of each event for the participant. Meet fees and club memberships are used for printing maps, maintaining the equipment needed for events, and insurance.

Club Membership

Annual membership - single $10

Annual membership - family $15

Club members receive a discount at each event (typically $1 for standard events and $5 for special events like the ROGAINE and Adventure-O) and are eligible for a discount on select merchandise at our partner Bushwhacker in Peoria, IL. See store for details.

You can sign up and pay for your membership through PayPal below.

Event Registration (includes rental SI card for electronic punching)

Individual $10

Group (max 4 participants) $12

Event Discounts

Member discount -$1

Personal SI card -$3

Event Extras

Compass rental $1

Additional map $1

Personal SI card We will not be selling these, you can find these online. If you purchase one, let us know, and we may be able to personalize it with your name.

Club Members

Thank you to everyone who is supporting the club through your memberships. Active status is below