While the weather was cold and wet for the meet director, it was perfect for all the runners. The colder temps allowed participants to wear more clothing protection for all the pokey and scratchy underbrush throughout the park. I think because of that, people claimed they had a great time on some fun courses! Overall we had a good turnout for the ROGAINE with 23 starts. Three individuals were able to clear the course within the allotted 6hrs! (horses or aliens were the terms I heard being used to describe them). Every other mortal who ran the course found most or all of the controls they were looking for. Everyone made it back safe and in good spirits, and that's what is most important because they will likely come to do it again (and convince more to come back with them).

I believe the weather kept a few others indoors instead of coming out for the regular courses offered. However, we still had five hardy teams who braved the temperatures and moisture. Congratulations to them for their enthusiasm.