Donovan O-Fest - May 11 & 12, 2018

Our friends at Bushwhacker helped us host this year's O-Fest. Donovan Park, previously a golf course that is now much more useful, was our venue for the event. A Night-O on Friday night and Foot-O on Saturday morning each offered White, Yellow, and Orange courses. As a previous golf course, the terrain was mostly flat, which made for easy trekking, but sometimes difficult navigation due to limited features. As you'll see in the results, the Orange course on the Night-O had one control right at the end that it seems a few people didn't see on the map (yes, I double checked the results) Weather, and turnout, was great for both events. We had 50 participants in the Night-O and 32 in the Foot-O, for a total of 82 participants (in case the math was too complex for ya)

Many thanks to Dirk DeDecker and Dale Hofmann for organizing the event, and thanks always to our great friends at Bushwhacker. Results are below.

Night-O Results

Foot-O Results