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Robinson Foot-O - Sept 17, 2016

Robinson Foot-O Results
George Mattson decided that he didn't like having free time, so he decided to host 2 events in consecutive months.  He did a great job laying out courses at Robinson, and the weather was again amenable in that we had some rain come through the night before but it was a great sunny event.  We had 32 participants, and I think a few dogs also, which made for a great turnout.  Special thanks to George for leaving Jolly Ranchers strategically placed on the course!

Results are below.  Since Scott doesn't count due to his professional status (it's just jealousy talking), nice job to Matt, Frank, and Matt on completing a tough Orange course.  Yellow course was won by the inaccurately named Handsome Boys (c'mon Igor, I know better).  White course was dominated by, by far, the cutest team in the event (see picture below).