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Lake Evergreen Canoe-O - August 27, 2016

Lake Evergreen Canoe-O Results
The weather played games with us all week with a lot of rain and threats for thunderstorms on
event day, but in the end the weather was ideal for a paddle.  Minimal wind, not too hot, slightly overcast.  George Mattson did a great job putting together courses.  We had 13 starts with 20 participants.  The "adventure" prize goes to the two teams that decided to try to run to the last 2 controls on the hard course instead of paddling to them (didn't work out so well).  You know who you are.  

Results are below.  Note to Matt and Andrew, you were technically disqualified since you didn't collect the right controls (clue sheets are handy), but thought you'd be interested to see your time on the 12 you did collect.