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Black Partridge - October 15, 2016

Black Partridge Foot-O Results
John Roxworthy hosted what will likely be our record attendance event for the year.  We had 39 starts with 96 participants!!  Many of our participants were Girl Scouts and parents from Washington who were trying out orienteering for the first time.  They all seemed to have a good time (starting the course at a playground and having Jolly Ranchers at the final control might have played a part).

We also had several other first timers and visitors from other clubs, so we hope every had a great time and will join us again for a future event.  Results are below.  Note: there were a few teams where the Start didn't register, so I adjusted a few times slightly to be fair.  There was also one team (Lang Boys) whose control stick didn't clear properly, so I did my best to adjust the time accordingly.