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Camp Ingersoll - Sept 26, 2015

National O-Day at Ingersoll Report
IRVOC's first Orienteering Meet at Ingersoll Scout Reservation was a great success.  The weather was beautiful and the Richwoods JROTC cadets did a great job with the registration and picking up controls.  The Orange course was well received until everyone got to the Zig Zag.  (Sorry that will not be repeated!)  The Yellow and White were fun.  The many trails and clearing make even the easy course a little bit more interesting.  Thank you Mike Duncan for field checking.  George Mattson did a very good job coordinating with the scouts and running his merit badge workshop.  Also thank you again to the Richwoods JROTC cadets for field checking and managing the event.  

Apologizes to Brett Pinkepank.  We overwrote your SI card and do not have results.  The next meet is on us for you

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