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Camp Wokanda, January 12, 2013

Congratulations to every that completed courses today - and especially course winners. Among individuals, William Mische - Orange, Jason Check - Yellow, and Dennis Ellison - White. Among Groups, Brian & Aidan Neuses came from Rockford to win Orange and Charli Gregory & Kimberly Tegg won Yellow. Complete results will be posted on our website soon.

Thank you to Assistant Meet Director George Mattson, Vetters Britt Mason & Chuck White, Pam Duncan for Registration, and course picker uppers Rachel Furman, John Roxworthy & George Mattson.

Name City, State Time Team
White Course - Individual mm:ss:00
Dennis Ellison Morton, IL 102:59:00

Yellow Course - Individual  
Jason Check Peoria, IL 46:36:00
Terry Beachler Chillicothe, IL 56:54:00
Cindy Alexander Washington 73:08:00
Yellow Course - Groups  
Charli Gregory, Kimberly Tegg Washington, IL 57:36:00
Elaine Lagoda & Bonnie Iten 59:28:00 Team Web
Crystal Speed, Daniel Bledsoe, C J Coffman Morton, IL 118:22:00
Denise Bean & Tim Mathis Gillespie, IL 96:01:00 dnf#49
Orange Course - Individuals  
William Mische Chillicothe, IL 50:45:00
Rachel Furman Dunlap, IL 54:33:00
Scott Fredrickson Peoria, IL 55:58:00
Cory Mason Peoria, IL 61:21:00
John Roxworthy Washington, IL 63:46:00
Dylan Hayden  Edelstein, IL 67:51:00
Drake White Macomb, IL 68:00:00
Sabina Hlinenska Peoria, IL 68:14:00
Saul Boast Germantown Hills, IL 75:07:00
Wangki Yuen Champaign, IL 77:58:00
George Mattson Chillicothe, IL 94:07:00
David Larson Peoria, IL 138:11:00
Orange Course - Groups  
Brian & Aidan Neuses Rockford, IL 109:21:00
Tim, Christa, & Katie McGrath Dunlap, IL 125:07:00
Mardi Kleinschmidt & Jeff Jackson Peoria, IL 125:45:00
Todd & Laura McCartney, Bill Roth, & Ralph Sawyer  Bloomington 160:11:00 Fuqowi Tribe
Chad & Bradley Hazelwood Pekin, IL 73:18:00 dnf#47