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Black Partridge Results

Thanks to everyone who made it out to Black Partridge for our last meet.  It was a crowded day at the park with the start/finish right in the middle of a huge cross country meet, but we did get several people asking about orienteering and some even tried a course!  Thanks to all who helped make it happen: Fredrik Goransson for checking trails, mapping, and results, Rachel Goransson helped with printing and vetting, Mike Duncan for vetting/setting controls, Pam Duncan signed everyone up and picked up the treats, Bev Enslow at the booth with start/finish times and control pick up, and everyone else who helped pick up controls.
- John Roxworthy
White Overall Time
Team Navigesser 0:58:42
Barb Gurtler 1:07:04
Yellow Overall Time
Ben Holsapple 0:41:36
Brad and JB 0:50:20
Team Mudhill 1:07:33
Carter and Steve Nauman 1:13:42
Wayne Karplus 1:16:22
Team Jones Boys 1:25:07
Team Pricer 1:38:15
Team Hawkins 1:39:47
Kate Hoskinson 1:40:09
George Mattson 1:48:00
Team Trentman DNF
Maggi Wettstein DNF
Cory Enderle DNF
Mike Kephart DNF
Orange Overall Time
Dominic Lang DNF
Team Leans DNF
Saul Boast DNF
The Juggernauts DNF
Dan Sergison DNF
Ryan Evans DNF

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