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Coal Hollow Night-O, July 13, 2012

Night-O at Coal Hollow on Friday the 13th turned out not to be unlucky!  No one broke a leg or tried to choke the course director, so it was a great success!  Rachael smoked the field!  (As expected)  The course was a little different.  It was an out and back so everyone ran the same course.... just in a different order.  This caused a little confusion as two people would start out in the same direction and then would split off to a different controls.  Coal Hollow is about the right size for a night-O and this was sufficiently tough.  A special shout out to Gary and Maureen Shepard.  This was their first meet!  They did have a slight advantage of knowing the park since they live close by but never having done orienteering before did put them at a little disadvantage.  They still pick up 5 controls!  Also, a welcome to Bill Larkin who came from New Hampshire for the meet!  Well he was in town for a meeting with me at Caterpillar but he came out and give a great showing at Orienteering.  He got all the controls except the last one!  In his defence, the next day I found it laying on the ground so he can use that to justify his Dnf!  

Everyone had a good time and a little sweaty so on to Robinson in August.  See you there!


Rachel Furman         36:50:00
Scott Fredrickson         41:17:00
Cory Mason         46:06:00
John Roxworthy         80:21:00
Sabina Hlinenska         92:14:00
Bill larkin         Dnf
Dylan Hayden Dnf
Mike Duncan         Dnf


Jason Osborn, Michael Brown         79:15:00
George Mattson and Son         83:19:00
Steve, Tina, Nathan and Ryan Shook Dnf
Gary and Maureen Shepard         Dnf
Justin Kness, Chance Kness Joe Rood Dnf