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Camp CILCA 2012 Results

We had a fantastic day of orienteering weather for this year's meet at Camp CILCA!  Sunny skies and cool temperatures made it a great day to come out and enjoy the Camp CILCA area.  We had 8 solos and 4 teams out on the courses today!  The Orange Course was the most popular with seven entries and the Yellow Course had four entries. Zero entries on the white course. 
Thank you so much to Denise Garnett, Macy Cousineau (and her parents), Sean Fink, and Russell Milstead for help with hosting this event! This was the first orienteering event we've ever hosted. I think we survived without too many problems.  We did learn that deer hunters do not like orienteering markers anywhere near their deer stand. We're not sure what the full story is, but one marker was missing that was set out the night before the event. Huge thank you to Cory Mason for taking the time to find the electronic marker. Finally, thank you to all that came out to enjoy today's event.

Position Name Course Start Time Finish Time Race Time
1 John Roxworthy Orange 11:30:47 12:53:21 1:22:34
2 Dale Hofmann Orange 10:30:00 11:59:03 1:29:03
3 Cory Mason Orange 11:08:19 12:52:28 1:44:09
4 Britt Mason Orange 11:15:24 12:59:58 1:44:34
5 Drake White Orange 10:31:53 12:27:03 1:55:10
6 Shane Bumgarner Orange 10:40:11 12:56:15 2:16:04
7 Parkland Surveyors - Jim Harpol and Todd Horton Orange 11:27:03 14:17:21 2:50:18
Position Name Course Start Time Finish Time Race Time
1 Team - George and Eric Mattson Yellow 10:06:36 11:53:54 1:47:18
2 April Schermann Yellow 11:15:35 13:23:06 2:07:31
3 The Birds - Michael and Mary Seyfert Yellow 11:53:13 14:32:29 2:39:16
4 Team - Barb and Homer Gurtler Yellow 10:56:22 14:28:17 3:31:55