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Jubilee, April 16, 2011 Results

Greetings everyone.  Here are the Jubilee results and upcoming meet information.

The night-o we had planned the night before got canceled due to severe thunder storms, and lightning, and tornado watch, and heavy rain.  I believe this is a first ever for the club! 
The regular meet on Saturday saw a little better weather, but not much - as can be seen by the low number of starts!  It was a successful meet none-the-less.  We had white, yellow, orange and red courses.  Red had the largest number of starts while there were no starts on white.  It was a very close race on the red course, with only a little more than a minute between Rachel in first and Scott in second place!  John did an excellent job too and finished third only 10 minutes back!  Dan was so close to finish but he mis-punched one of the last controls.  Apparently he decided to take the map out of the ziplock bag, which was not a good idea on one of the wettest meets we have ever had.  He returned with his map all but unreadable and it was amazing that he even found his way back! 
While I designed the course I was debating whether or not to keep the single control on the south side of the main creek.  When I set it on Thursday the creek wasn't very deep at all.  Well all the rain on Friday night and Saturday changed that!  Where it used to be knee deep at the deepest place, it was now more than waist deep!  I believe a few people managed to find a log to get across with somewhat dry feet while others just charged across.  When looking at competitor's GPS routes after the meet, I can tell you that just charging ahead was the fastest way. across the creek - and since it was raining the entire time I don't think being dry was an option anyway. 
Thanks to everyone that came out and hope to see you again at the next meet! 

Course Name City State Start time Finish time Overall time Notes
Yellow - Individual

1 Holly Edwin Peoria IL 10:17:00 11:05:03 0:48:03
Orange - Individual

1 Manuel Gomes Peoria IL 11:43:00 12:43:30 1:00:30
2 Wangki Yuen Champaign IL 10:57:00 13:05:55 2:08:55 Missed one control
3 Wayne Kurplus Bloomington IL 11:05:00 - - DNF
Red - Individual

1 Rachel Furman Dunlap IL 11:18:00 12:17:45 0:59:45
2 Scott Fredrickson Peoria IL 10:53:00 11:54:15 1:01:15
3 John Roxworthy Washington IL 12:00:00 13:09:50 1:09:50
4 Hana Kratochvilova Peoria IL 10:56:00 12:10:57 1:14:57
5 Mike Contratto Chillicothe IL 11:13:00 12:34:39 1:21:39
6 Dale Hoffman Peoria IL 10:41:00 12:10:12 1:29:12
7 Greg Garnett Springfield IL 10:26:00 12:23:55 1:57:55
8 Chad Estes Trivoli IL 10:14:00 13:09:50 2:55:50
9 Dan Kratochvil Peoria IL 11:03:00 12:02:30 0:59:30 Missed one control