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Farmdale, Nov 11-12, 2011 Results

The 2011 Orienteering year is over and let me tell you - what an end to a great O-year this was.

On Friday, 33 people stood up to the challenge of running in the woods at night navigating Dan’s slightly mean orienteering course. If you wanted to get to all 17 controls, you were in for a hilly treat.

Saturday was an ideal day for orienteering and we had a great turnout. On top of the traditional Foot-Os, we offered a Bike-O and Bearing-O. We couldn’t ask for better weather. The trails were in great condition and the leaves made for softer sliding down the reentrants, we were told.  Check out the pictures from the meet at our Facebook page!

Big thanks to Ranger Todd for help with start/finish and control set up, Dale Hofmann for help with registration, Rachel Furman, Fredrik Goransson, John Roxworthy, and Tim Lee for control pick up, Scott Fredrickson for amazing photo documentation, and Anne Contratto for cookies.

And last but not least, thanks to everybody who came out and helped make it a great meet!

Night-O Results:
Ranking#NameCityStateCourseIndividual/GroupStartFinishOverall TimePointsDelayPenaltyNet Score
1.15Rachel FurmanDunlapILNight-OIndividual7:04:00 PM8:40:40 PM1:36:40220
2.17Fredrik GoranssonDunlapILNight-OIndividual7:09:00 PM8:47:05 PM1:38:05220
3.14Scott FredricksonPeoriaILNight-OIndividual6:58:00 PM8:46:36 PM1:48:36220
4.4Greg DeKeyserEast PeoriaILNight-OIndividual6:15:00 PM8:03:57 PM1:48:57160
5.8Mike ContrattoChillicotheILNight-OIndividual6:27:00 PM8:25:40 PM1:58:40150
6.1Gerge MattsonChillicotheILNight-OIndividual5:55:00 PM7:42:34 PM1:47:3480
7.10John RoxworthyWashingtonILNight-OIndividual6:38:00 PM8:44:15 PM2:06:15220220
8.16Dale HofmannPeoriaILNight-OIndividual6:55:00 PM9:12:32 PM2:17:32220.01418

Ranking#NameCityStateCourseIndividual/GroupStartFinishOverall TimePointsDelayPenaltyNet Score
4.3Britt & Cory MasonBloomingtonILNight-OGroup6:17:00 PM8:15:41 PM1:58:41190
8.2Anne & Dave SchmittPeoriaILNight-OGroup6:08:00 PM7:59:41 PM1:51:4170
9.5Travis Petry-Johnson, Jason Check, William MischePeoriaILNight-OGroup6:22:00 PM8:19:00 PM1:57:0070
10.11Donna Goelz, Kerri Johnson, Brad JohnsonPeoriaILNight-OGroup6:49:00 PM8:48:35 PM1:59:3550
13.13Greg Garnett, Sean Fink, Wade HendersonSpringfieldILNight-OGroup7:01:00 PM10:08:42 PM3:07:42221:07:42148
14.9Brett Beachler, Kathe, AlexPeoriaILNight-OGroup6:40:00 PM8:40:50 PM2:00:5060:00:5015
15.6Rick Archer, Mardi Kleinschmidt, Jeff JacksonWest PeoriaILNight-OGroup6:24:00 PM8:36:25 PM2:12:2540:12:2531
16.12Al Lagoda, Elaine, AnitaEast PeoriaILNight-OGroup6:51:00 PM9:06:23 PM2:15:2320:15:234-2
17.7Valeria Sergeera, Colaria Rusu, David LarsonNormalILNight-OGroup6:29:00 PM9:00:10 PM2:31:1050:31:107-2

Day-O Results:
#NameCityStateStartFinishOverall Time
White Group

1Kathy and Timothy SpenceNormalIL10:56:0011:38:200:42:20
2Dennis and William EllisonMortonIL11:45:0012:30:000:45:00
3Kim, Lonny, Chris and Sara FinnMapletonIL11:04:0011:58:450:54:45
4Sabrina Jones & Nick PurdumMetamoraIL12:37:00--DNF

Yellow Individual

1Timothy LeePeoriaIL11:56:0012:37:010:41:01
2April SchermannBloomingtonIL10:13:0011:28:281:15:28

Yellow Group

1George & Eric MattsonChillicotheIL10:47:0011:52:051:05:05
2Brad Nauman, Carter Nauman & Maggi WettsteinPeoria HeightsIL11:34:0012:56:351:22:35
3Crystal Speed & CJ CoffmanMortonIL10:34:0012:34:272:00:27
4Jim, Kat, Ryan and Steve RobinsonBloomingtonIL10:59:0013:39:352:40:35

Orange Individual

1Rachel FurmanDunlapIL12:06:0013:15:201:09:20
2Greg DeKeyserEast PeoriaIL10:58:0012:13:071:15:07
3Mike ContrattoChillicotheIL10:25:0012:01:421:36:42
4David LarsonPeoriaIL10:33:0013:04:022:31:02
5Jeff JacksonPeoriaIL10:20:0013:17:502:57:50

Orange Group

1Britt & Cory MasonBloomingtonIL11:38:0013:00:451:22:45
2Travis Petry-Johnson & Jason Check & Will MischePeoriaIL11:00:0012:58:541:58:54
3Troy Dulinsky & Mellisa MollanPeoriaIL10:30:0013:04:382:34:38
4Brett Beachler & Katie Beachler & Alex RayaPeoriaIL12:44:0015:25:452:41:45* 11 CPs

MTB-O Individual

1Fredrik GoranssonDunlapIL10:55:0011:32:380:37:38
2Scott FredricksonPeoriaIL10:50:0011:34:240:44:24
3Rachel FurmanDunlapIL10:40:0011:25:570:45:57
4Dale HofmannPeoriaIL10:52:0011:46:300:54:30
5John RoxworthyWashingtonIL12:13:0013:12:380:59:38
6Brian LowryWashingtonIL10:31:0011:40:141:09:14
7Greg DeKeyserEast PeoriaIL12:46:0014:05:301:19:30

MTB-O Group

1Britt & Cory MasonBloomingtonIL10:06:0011:03:100:57:10
2Jon Forester & Scott Wright


1Scott FredricksonPeoriaIL9:23:009:42:130:19:13
2April SchermannBloomingtonIL11:56:0012:26:200:30:20