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Camp Cilca, October 15, Results

The weather was absolutely perfect - sunny, breezy, a little chilly in the shade but overall very pleasant.  Most of the folks who made the drive to the park ran the Orange course, but the Yellow and White each had a group as well.  The park was colorful with the fall leaves, and in stark contrast to last February's meet there, very dry.  The creek that runs through the park was basically a very sandy trail, making the courses a bit easier for route choice than they maybe would have been otherwise.  Regardless, everyone seemed to have a good time and there was some good competition on the Orange.  We also had a few first time orienteers - Jeff, Greg, Brian, and Chad's son Bradley!  Great job, you guys!

Course Name City State Start time Finish time Overall time Notes

White - Group

1 Kathy and Tim Spence Normal IL 10:43:00 11:31:00 0:48:00
Yellow - Group

1 Jeff Hinshaw and Greg DeKeyser Germantown Hills IL 10:24:00 11:10:00 0:46:00
Orange - Group

1 John Roxworthy and Brian Pate Washington IL 10:47:00 11:57:30 1:10:30
2 Chad and Bradley Hazelwood Pekin IL 11:03:00 13:04:42 2:01:42
Orange - Individual

1 Fredrik Goransson Dunlap IL 11:40:00 12:18:50 0:38:50
2 Wangki Yeun Champaign IL 11:00:00 11:56:45 0:56:45
3 Sabina Hlinenska Peoria IL 10:27:00 11:42:45 1:15:45
4 Mike Duncan Dunlap IL 11:24:00 12:48:22 1:24:22
5 Dale Hofmann Peoria IL 11:06:00 12:34:55 1:28:55
6 Jim Moody St. Louis MO 10:31:00 12:58:40 2:27:40